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Superintendent's School Corner - April 14, 2014

Severe Weather

Gregg Allen - Mesabi East Superintendent

            The Severe Weather Awareness Week will include a statewide drill on Thursday, April 24 at 1:45. Mesabi East Schools will be participating with this scheduled drill.

            Last year a team of people, including local fire and rescue workers, went through the entire Mesabi East school building and helped decide evacuation procedures and safe locations for people to go to in the case of severe weather. Most of the locations are underneath concrete areas on the lowest level of the building.

            Severe weather including tornadoes, straight-line winds and hail can occur in Northeast Minnesota. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website, St. Louis County has had 32 tornadoes from 1950 to 1913. Saint Louis County has also experienced historic windstorms such as the July 4, 1999 windstorm in the Boundary Waters National Forest that blew down millions of trees over a 350,000-acre area.

            The safety of all students and staff is the first priority during any severe weather emergency. Faculty and staff will be reviewing and practicing severe weather procedures with students during the next couple of weeks.

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments - Testing Schedule

Please select the link below to view the MCA testing schedule.

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) Schedule

Superintendent's School Corner - March 25, 2014

School Corner
March 25, 2014

Construction project will alter summer activities
Gregg Allen
Mesabi East Superintendent

Mesabi East will have most of the Memorial Building closed this summer due to a construction project inside the building. The Memorial Building is the portion of the school that contains the swimming pool, high school gymnasium, cafeteria, locker rooms, music rooms and art, FACS and industrial technology labs.

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