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Governor's 2015 Legislative Proposal for Educaton

2015 Legislative Session

Gregg Allen

Mesabi East Superintendent

February 2, 2015 

The 2015 legislative session is in full motion. The Governor proposes to invest $345 million in education. Some of the Governor’s highlights include the following:

  • ·      Increase Per Pupil Funding. The per pupil formula increase would add $58 to the formula in 2016 and $59 to the formula in 2017. The total per pupil formula would be $5,889 in 2016 and $5,948 in 2017. (This would be about $60,000 new money each year for Mesabi East.)
  • ·      Early Childhood. Students attending full-day programs would be counted as a 0.5 student on the per pupil formula. (Mesabi East has a full day program for 4 year olds that is supported by parent fees. The per pupil funding would help fund the program so the parent fees would be much less or the program might be free to all students.)
  • ·      Reading by 3rd grade. The Governor plans to support Reading Corp. to serve an additional 14,000 students. (The Reading Corp. program provides reading tutors to schools to help students. Mesabi East currently has this program and plans to continue using it.)
  • ·      Achievement Gap Reduction. The Governor plans to put a large amount of funding into several programs the focus on the State’s poorest students. The programs would support English learners, American Indian students and provide free school breakfast for all pre-K to grade 3 students.
  • ·      Regional Centers of Excellence. The Governor plans to provide more regional support for school districts by having regional centers so school districts can access staff development and curriculum improvement.

 Public education is a priority for Governor Dayton. I hope education is a priority for the House and Senate.


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New Strategic Plan (Vision and Priorities)

The New Strategic Plan (Vision and Priorities)

November 24, 2014

 A new strategic plan is almost complete at Mesabi East School District. The strategic plan was put together in three different steps. The first step was a survey given to both the community and staff, the second step was reviewing the surveys and setting priorities in two staff meetings and a community meeting. The final step was reviewing the priorities of the groups with the school board and administration and making final recommendations for the new strategic plan.

The school board recommended that the new vision for the district for the next five years was to develop, deliver and be recognized for:


·      The finest indoor and outdoor facilities on the Range

·      Excellent academics, arts and extra-curricular activities

·      Highly successful graduates with strong vocational and career readiness skills

·      Strong parent and community involvement with adult learning activities

·      Effective marketing that shares positive achievements

 The priorities to reach the vision included:


1.     Improve test scores

2.     Increase Communication and promotion of the district

3.     Create a long-term facility plan that includes funding for moving athletic fields next to the current building

4.     Expand offerings including technology and using technology

5.     Increase student engagement

The administration will begin working with staff to develop tasks including a timeline to accomplish the priorities set by the school board.  The final step will be for the school board to approve the finished plan.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this important plan. There were 147 surveys returned and 109 people participated in the staff and community meetings.



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2015 Proposed Tax

School Taxes

Gregg Allen

Mesabi East Superintendent

The 2015 Proposed Taxes have been mailed to taxpayers. Many of the taxpayers are going to see an increase in their school taxes.  The amount of the increase will depend on what type of property you own such as homestead, business, agricultural land or seasonal/recreation land.

The main reasons for the increases in school taxes include: upgrades to the heat and air quality in the Memorial building; a new Alternative Teacher Compensation Program, and legislative changes allowing the district to add a levy called “Local Optional Revenue” that is similar to metro districts.


The upgrade to the heat and air quality in the Memorial Building was done to bring the building up to the State Building Code requirements. Most of the ventilation needed to be removed in order to install a system that allowed a larger amount of fresh airflow to each room or area. This upgrade brings the whole Mesabi East School building up to latest code requirements.

The Alternative Teacher Compensation Program (often called QComp) is an observation/evaluation program for teachers. This program is funded by state aid (65%) and levy (35%).  The program is similar to the statewide teacher evaluation requirements but has more funding attached. Teachers at Mesabi East can earn an extra $1,300/year if they meet all of the requirements.

The 2014 legislative session approved a bill that allows rural districts to levy extra funding per pupil similar to metro or large districts. The amount of this levy is $424 per pupil unit and includes state aid for Mesabi East that reduces this amount by about 30%.

Other reasons that property taxes change is that the value of the property might have increased, the County tax might have been increased or the city or township tax might have been increased.  

The 2015 Proposed Tax Statement has information listing the meeting places by jurisdiction for your property. If you have questions about your taxes see the information listed on your property tax statement.


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Strategic Plan Information

Please select the link below for additional information regarding our strategic plan.


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School Corner - November 3rd, 2014

Mesabi East Strategic Plan

Gregg Allen

Mesabi East Superintendent

November 3, 2014


Mesabi East School District created a five-year strategic plan in the fall of 2011. The district hired Dr. Bruce Miles as a consultant to help create the plan. The plan was developed by using staff and community surveys and holding staff and community meetings. The school board and administration used this information to set goals and create a timeline for the new strategic plan.

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