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It is the mission of the Mesabi East Schools to enable all students to achieve high levels of success so they can become self-directed, lifelong learners and informed, productive citizens in a changing world.

Making A Giant Difference

In the fall of 2015, Mesabi East implemented a program for employees to nominate their colleagues to celebrate the little things that are being done to make a giant difference.

Making A Giant Difference - Entries from the first weeks

Please note: Entries may be edited for formatting or anonymity purposes.

Dan Darbo Act of Kindness, Professionalism Above and Beyond Dan goes the extra mile to prepare breakfasts, lunches, and treats for the staff that are wonderful!
Corina Lind Act of Kindness, Extraordinary Caring, Professionalism Above and Beyond, Go-Getter Attitude Corina is an Early Childhood Special Education paraprofessional who works. She is kind and gentle and innately knows how to encourage children, despite their resistance. She knows whether they need a break from a situation or further encouragement and assistance. Corina has purchased jackets and other clothing for children in need, anonymously.

Corina is reliable and let's her supervising teacher know if she will not be able to come to work so that plans can be made. She helps out wherever she can when she has spare time. She seeks out information about her work on her own and on her own time.

Corina is aware of the needs of all the children in the classroom, not just her own students, and she takes time to get to know each of them. Corina is also a right hand woman to the classroom teacher; she is efficient with gathering or finding and then replacing supplies, when needed.

Corina tends to the paperwork involved in her job in a professional manner. She comes up with ideas regarding record keeping that benefit the communication between herself and the teachers. She is also innovative in making due with what we have.

Corina is a true professional and a caring, kind, and loving person. I am so happy to be able to nominate her for this~it is well deserved.
Andy Hallin Act of Kindness, Extraordinary Caring, Professionalism Above and Beyond, Go-Getter Attitude Andy does this everyday. Specifically he welcomes all of his new students with kindness and consistency. He always has a smile for all of the students and his co workers. When dealing with behaviors, he deals with situations as they come up quickly and then they are in the past. He is positive and shows care to each child no matter how frustrating or weary a situation can be. He remains professional by never talking about any students or parents in the hallways, etc. Andy Hallin is a model teacher and we are so fortunate to have him at Mesabi East.
Christi Sickel Go-Getter Attitude In our first PLC, Christi Sickel started us off on the right foot for the school year helping our PLC get prepared through the ice breaker and setting our group norms.
Cafeteria Staff Professionalism Above and Beyond, Go-Getter Attitude

Dealing with high numbers of students, in a crowded cafeteria, especially on Wednesdays.

Janel Leete Act of Kindness, Extraordinary Caring, Professionalism Above and Beyond, Go-Getter Attitude Janel works with nearly all students, staff and many parents in our district. She always has a smile on her face and treats everyone with respect, professionalism, kindness and that positive attitude that makes you feel good. Janel is good at her job, and gets the piles of work that is given to her done in a timely and professional manner.
Bobbie Thuringer Act of Kindness, Extraordinary Caring, Professionalism Above and Beyond Bobbie is so amazing. She goes above and beyond in helping the students and the staff, even when she is busy. She is reassuring, caring and extremely empathetic. She keeps track of little ones before and after school in her office, and during lunch times. She always has a smile and a listening ear. She keeps everything confidential. We are very fortunate to have her. I am so grateful for her.
Luke Nikunen Professionalism Above and Beyond, Above and Beyond Helping Luke always has a positive attitude and is willing to help with problems big and small.
Brett Holland and Craig Sickel Professionalism Above and Beyond These two wonderful teachers have been helping the new Math teacher get prepared for her classes as well as having to prepare for their own. They are top notch teachers and we are lucky to have them. Also, they are willing to help out all kids during their free time and prep times.
Brett Kokal Great scores on Grade 5 Science MCA's - best of all surrounding areas!! Brett's test scores were the highest around! I think he and his former students should be recognized for this great job!!
Craig Johnson Extraordinary Caring, Go-Getter Attitude, Work ethic: Above and Beyond Craig works extra hours even in the wee hours of the morning to keep this joint running... I truly appreciate his efforts outside of the classroom as well as in it!
Jill Eckman Being flexible Stepping in and helping with a positive attitude.
Luke Nikunen Professionalism Above and Beyond, Go-Getter Attitude, Getting the job done Thank you Luke for getting the swim video feed set up in the cafeteria so fans wouldn't miss one second of their swimmers! -Also, for coming back when it needed adjustments! You Rock!
Mari Latola Extraordinary Caring, Professionalism Above and Beyond, Go-Getter Attitude Mari is a special education paraprofessional who goes above and beyond what is normally expected of an individual. She will study on her own to learn more about disabilities and best practices with students. She advocates for the needs of the students while maintaining a professional, caring attitude. She has a wonderful, positive attitude!
Craig Johnson Act of Kindness, Extraordinary Caring, Professionalism Above and Beyond, Patience Craig has calmly and carfully listened to so many of our iPad problems. Tried multiple angles to fix them and and not once made anyone feel they could wait. His patience with staff and students is admirable.
Deb Erickson Act of Kindness, Go-Getter Attitude, Extra help when needed I Can go to her with a problem or a need and she cheerfully helps.
Brett Kokal Act of Kindness, Extraordinary Caring, Professionalism Above and Beyond, Go-Getter Attitude Brett has done a fantastic job with his Science scores for MCA"s . This year his scores were one of the highest for Elem. in our area!
Deb Erickson Act of Kindness, Extraordinary Caring Deb has aided in assuring that copies are made for staff and students during these first few weeks. Her patience is amazing with all that are trying to get their work done.


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