Payroll and Benefits Manager



Independent School District #2711 is seeking an individual to perform the duties of Payroll and Benefits Manager.  The Payroll and Benefits Manager is responsible for processing time cards, computing and processing wage and salary payments, related federal and state withholdings and voluntary deductions; budgets all salaries and benefit accounts with the Finance Officer and Superintendent; compiles, prepares and maintains payroll reports and statistics; manages the retention and preparation of tax records, tax returns and other required reports; maintains records for payroll benefits including retirement programs, tax savings, flex benefit programs, and severance payments; maintains all District vacation, sick leave, holiday pay records; directs benefit programs for the district, including health, dental, life, disability, retirement and COBRA administration; works with Superintendent for insurance renewals regarding benefits programs information, costs and coverage of other available plans; serves as district representative to insurance brokers; prepares required documents to implement benefit programs and oversees programs for conformance with government regulations and COBRA compliance; coordinates enrollment and maintains group insurance records for all benefit programs for employees and retirees; processes enrollment forms and provides assistance and information to employees.



Minimum qualifications for this position require two years of post secondary education in the area of business, accounting or other similar related fields.  Experience in school finance preferred.


Application Requirements

Cover Letter


Post-Secondary Transcripts

Non-Certified Employment Application


Deadline:    Monday, December 5, 2016



This position is a twelve-month hourly position.  The salary is covered under the agreement with the Confidential Clerical Employees.  Benefits include health, dental, life, 403B match, sick leave and vacation.



Please submit all materials to:        

Gregg H. Allen

Superintendent Mesabi East Schools

601 North First Street West

Aurora, Minnesota 55705






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The Mesabi East School District does not discriminate on
the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.