What is Early Childhood?

-Early Childhood is a community education program of the Mesabi East school district. The program provides classes for families with young children from birth to Kindergarten age.

What will we do in an Early Childhood class?

-A typical Early Childhood class includes parent/child interaction time. This time is planned for parents to work with their child on activities designed by a licensed Early Childhood teacher to enhance the development of the child. A parent discussion, facilitated by a licensed Parent Educator follows during which children enjoy a snack and interact under the guidance of the Early Childhood teacher.

Activities in these classes are geared to teach children developmentally appropriate skills such as:

  • Socialization: Learning to play with others, compromise, share, wait for turns, separate from parents.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Use of small muscles through, scissor and writing instrument use playdough, games, painting, etc.
  • Large Motor Skills: Use of large muscles through movement, music, games and equipment use.
  • Pre-Math Skills: Puzzles, sorting, classification and games.
  • Pre-Reading Skills: Books, dramatic play, and games.





The Mesabi East School District does not discriminate on
the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.